Startlists available below: STAGE 1 – 30.04.2016 STAGE 2 – 01.05.2016 STAGE 3 – 02.05.2016 ALL THREE STAGES We encourage you to check if startlists are correct. If you find error contact us: biuro@o-games.pl

  • O-Games_BULLETIN_3

    Bulletin 3

    Bulletin 3 available here


    Course length

    Below you can find details about course length for O-Games


    Accommodation on the floor

    We would like to inform you that sleeping on floor provided by organizers is already full.

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    Entry closed

    Yesterday passed the second and final deadline for entries. Altogether we have more than 500 entries for every stage, what is worth to point out is that we have 100 foreign runners. It’s going...

  • O-GAMES_2016_BULLETIN_03012016

    Bulletin 2

    Bulletin 2 is avaiable under this link You can find it also on BULLETIN site Please note! that Event Center and Accommodation had changed. New address is: Hala Sportowa Młodzieżowego Centrum Sportu ul. Parkowa 14/16,...

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    You can find all needed info about registration and entry fee under ENTRIES site and in Bulletin 1. There are two deadlines for registration: First term until 3rd of April 2016 Second term until...

  • O-GAMES_2016_BULLETIN_03012016

    Bulletin 1

    Bulletin 1 is available under BULLETIN site. You can find there most of the needed information. We would like to pay attention on: because of the “long weekend” in Poland (3rd May is day...

  • O-GAMES_2016_logo_03012016

    O-Games 2016

    O-Games 2016 website is officially available, we invite you to read the information on it. This is the third edition of the O-Games, this year’s special because it will be a public event to...